Welcome to your personal AXA Research Fellow page

Dear AXA Research Fellow, thank you for connecting ! 

We are pleased to introduce you to your own personal AXA Research Fund account.

The purpose of this space is both quite simple and absolutely crucial: to help us get a better understanding of your research and expectations during and beyond the AXARF grant.

The AXA Research Fund team’s philosophy, beyond the funding, is to help promote your work and activities to the best of our ability and to the best of our knowledge.

So yes, knowledge about what you do, of your research interests, of the avenues you wish to pursue within and outside the academic world,  is key to enable us to offer you relevant connections and opportunities.

Connections to the business if you so wish, reaching out to academic peers from different disciplines within our international, 450-strong community of researchers, invitations to specific workshops can be offered throughout the year depending on your interest.

As you may know, we also have a range of communication opportunities arising throughout the year, ranging from press interviews to photo exhibitions, from media training events to master-classes. The scope is quite large, always prone to new innovations and it is far easier for us to reach out and give you those opportunities if we know you would be keen to try them out.

Yet we are not academics at the AXA Research Fund team, so please be lenient with us and help us do a great job of supporting you by somehow popularizing some of the items you could be uploading or describing scrolling through the various pages your AXARF Account.  

We are always happy to hear from you and read your comments, so do stay in touch beyond your AXA-supported research. You have our emails, so do not hesitate to write to us should you have any questions about this account, or any other matters.

Looking forward to reading you and we wish you a pleasant journey through your brand new AXA Research Fellow account!

All the best,

The AXA Research Fund team

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